Start-up development

Start-ups are usually fascinating projects with limited resources and development time. We have experience developing such projects and we can advise on how to avoid rookie mistakes, share tips on product promotion, help test idea potential during early stages and so on. It usually takes about a year for a start-up to gather a productive team. We offer our services in the early stages to create the minimal viable product that you can show to prospective clients and make your first sales. If the feedback is good, you can invest into further project development to deliver maximum benefits.

What we do

High­load web service development

Mac OS application development

Game development

Intelligent Big Data mining and analytics systems development

B2B/B2C/B2B2C ecommerce platform development

Stages of start-up development

Agile deployment of MVP




Minimal Viable Product (MVP)


Continuous improvement

Start-up promotion

Starting promotion on the final stages of development is one of the most common rookie mistakes.

We start promoting the project and developing it at the same time:

All you need to do

Communicate with the target audience

Generate hypotheses

Specify development requirements

Accept the development results and pay for them

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