Social Media Marketing

SMM - Social Media Marketing - is not just about posting pretty pictures and having givaways.

SMM is, first of all, communication with your audience. Make most of the opportunity to meet your prospective and current clients face to face, discuss their needs and struggles, test new offers on real people, receive feedback. And that's not even nearly all, what SMM is.

What SMM is good for


Informing group members or page visitors of new offers and promotions, stimulating sales.

Reputation management

Collecting feedback from clients and users, feedback analysis and making corrections. Testing hypotheses before launching big marketing campaigns.


Creating an interactive customer relationship in a community dedicated to the brand.

What SMM includes

Website optimized for social networks

Developing a website, optimized for social network on VitalCMS.

Optimizing an existing website via modernization

Adding social network buttons such as “Share”, “Like”, allowing to share and comment products and articles

Direct social network activities

Creating a company page or group

Searching for and creating contents useful and interesting for your target audience

Communicating with users on behalf of the company

What we don’t do

We don’t spam

We don’t send out automatic invitations to the page

We don’t add fake user profiles to the pages

How we work

We copywrite our own texts

We purchase or use free stock images, or make our own illustrations

We make polls, test product improvement suggestions and new promotions

We make an editorial calendar and schedule posts

We talk to every user, who post or comment on the community page

We set up context ads manually, experiment with pictures and headers, optimize ad campaign efficiency

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