Developing fast websites

Every project we work on gets maximum attention and effort. We use our expertise in marketing, technology and security to create an optimal and reliable solution.

Using cutting edge web-development technologies. Creating fail-safe, adaptive and scalable websites.


If you're looking for one of these things, we probably won't suit you:

Generic solutions

We don't use templates or builders to create websites, no two websites are alike.

Cheap solutions

If you're looking for the cheapest solution, we won't do.

Standard non-personalized calculations

We need someone in charge of the project to talk us through it, so we can adequately evaluate costs and deadlines.

Instant solutions

We work fast and hard, but "a website in 5 days" hardly sounds achievable. Quality solutions take time to be developed properly.

How we approach every project

Delving into the task in hand, carefully research the business, the target audience, its needs and problems

Developing user profiles and stories defining functions demanded by different user groups

Setting up the technical specification and creating a design for every page of the product

Creating a product prototype which serves as a product emulator and helps us to test theories and improve usability

Working in weekly sprints and showing immediate results so the client can adjust the functionality ща the project and current tasks

Extensive quality assurance on all stages of development and promotion

Cutting edge web-development technology

High speed page rendering

Server API for mobile apps

Highload ready

Easily scaling to run on multiple servers

Built-in CRM customizable to suit your business

Modern technology stack mongodb/node.js/angular.js

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