Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

How most companies do it?

Account manager selects key phrases, usually no more than 100. They use common standard tool to define these phrases so as a result, they coincide with those your competitors have chosen, too. Subsequently, the optimization is going to ineffective due to a very high cost per client and overall costs.

We do it differently!

Our goal is to accumulate a maximum number of commercial key phrases for your business. We have developed our own software, allowing to accumulate tens of thousands of phrases, that your potential clients, ready to make a purchase, are looking for.

This takes a lot of time and expertise, but ensures maximum sale for our clients.

How we do it.

  • Website audit
  • Phrase accumulation
  • Internal website optimization
  • External website optimization
  • Continuous analytics
  • Purchase funnel calculation
  • Writing selling ads
  • Building a CPC campaign
  • Budget optimization
  • Increasing conversion
  • Website modification and maintenance

Many internet-marketing agencies offer a piece-rate payment for their work, e.g. pay per visitor, pay per sale, pay per lead. In this case first couple of months the payment is fixed and in the meantime they calculate attendance rates, sales volume, conversion rates, sale funnel and other analytical parameters. Further SEM costs are based on those calculations and as the result of search optimization, attendance and sales usually grow, sometimes multi-fold, and SEM costs increase accordingly, while the agency's work efforts stay the same.

We offer a fixed price before we start working, and when your website’s attendance or sale rates increase by 10, the cost of our work will remain the same, because our work efforts stay the same.

Reasons to work with us

We save our clients' budgets.

We thoroughly sort out key phrases to secure maximum sales while maintaining the lowest possible cost per client.

We guarantee safe SEO.

All optimization methods we use are completely «white hat», which means they completely conform to search engines’ terms of service. None of the websites we have optimized have ever been penalized or banned by search engines.

Dedicated specialist.

Your case will be managed by a SEO-expert with at least 5 years of experience.

End-to-end solutions

We are not a SEO company, Creograf studio handles full spectrum of internet marketing activities as well as contents management, website maintenance and development.

Continuous result assessment

We keep track of user activity on the website, which helps us make SEM even more effective.

CPC ad campaign

It usually takes about 2 months for real palpable results of SEO to kick in, so we build a CPC ad campaign for our clients to attract customers during that time.




Lowest client attraction cost of all marketing methods. 3-10 times cheaper than cost-per-client in CPC.

Cost-per-client is around $5-30, depending on niche and conversion rate.

Solution: fast development of several high-conversion landing pages designed to suit this CPC-campaign

Long deployment and shutdown period. Search engines take time to index any changes of the website.

Solution: starting optimization at the earlies stages of website development. Our business processes are suited to fastest deployment of search optimization.

Fast to deploy and shutdown at any time. The campaign can be edited as often as necessary, changes take effect in a matter of an hour.

No way to guarantee the website’s position in search results. Search engines often change their ranging algorithms.

Solution: accumulating a maximum number of key phrases, so that if a part of them temporarily get ranged lower, it wouldn’t affect sales.

No way to guarantee the number of clicks. Click costs change every 15 minutes depending on the competitors.

Solution: accumulating a maximum number of keywords to ensure the lowest click cost. This way the sudden change of cost for high-competition keywords won't trump CTR due to a wider audience coverage.





Creating a market






Introducing a completely new product to market



Working with ‘cold’ potential customers on early stages of decision-making



Testing a new niche



Fast deployment on new local markets



Short-term promotion campaigns



Attracting new clients



Pumping up sales



Continuous product promotion



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