Software Development Outsourcing

Code is what our customers care about the most when they entrust a project to us. They need to be confident that the code they are getting is high quality, legible, de-bugged, tested and reliable. Excellent code is produced by excellent developer teams motivated to achieve excellent results using engineering practices and flexible development methodologies.

We have a team of talented developers craving for projects which will challenge their skills.

Projects we do

Web service and high-load project development

Mac OS Application development

Big Data mining and AI analysis system development

Game development

E-commerce solutions

Business automation software

Engagement models

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Turnkey outsoucing

You fully entrust the project to us. Flexible scope of work, transparent progress reports, direct communication with the developers.

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Partial outsourcing

We can just help out with a certain part of the project, like design, layout, front-end, back-end or mobile development and QA for your own app.

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Collaborative outsourcing

Our developers and other specialists can become a part of your project team.


We use flexible software development methods and, if the client is sure the scope of work is not going to change, we can offer fixed price and deadline.


EXTREME PROGRAMMING Engineering model which is intended to improve software quality.


A group of flexible software development methods implying short iterations and frequent result assessment in order to suit the software to customer requirements and minimize risks.


Project management methodology allowing to produce a working piece of software within a rigid timeframe.


A visual process management system allowing to control task progress of each developer and deliver the end product just in time.

Why choose us

We research the users' work-flow, their goals, tasks and problems they encounter. We develop user profiles and test the prototype on real users. As a result the interfaces we create are plain, comprehensible and a pleasure to use.

Frequent releases and short iterations minimize the risks of creating a useless product. Prompt user feedback allows to adjust the software to fill their needs.

Pair programming. Two developers work on the project together. This increases the speed and quality of work as well as prevents the project from halting in case a key employee falls ill/goes on vacation/leaves the company.

Multilevel quality control: unit and integration testing, manual and automated interface testing. We guarantee high quality of our software.

Weekly planning and labor cost estimation allow the customer to see the short-term functional development prospect of the product.

Frequent integration. Our developers' individual progress is combined on our test server daily. This prevents our projects from unexpected failure and halting.

Continuous refactoring. Persistent and methodical code improvement ensures a steady development speed for a product with constantly growing functionality

In accordance with the contract, we sign over our copyright and associated rights to our clients, so they can sell or modify the product with the help other developers.


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