Lead generation

Tired of constantly calculating the sales funnel? Keeping an eye on CTR, conversion rates, phrase CTR, web-analytics makes your head ache?

Just pay for leads and do the job you love!

A Lead is a call, registered in an analytical system, or a completed request form.

What kind of products lead generation works for

Lead generation is a service for high-competition markets. If you sell something popular, something people often search for and sell on the internet, lead generation will work for you.



Unique and luxury items

Producer goods

B2B services

B2C services


What you need to make it work

  • Sales department or person, to process requests and convert them into sales
  • Stock reserve or production capacty or enough frontline workers to accommodate a large client flow

Signs that maybe it won’t work for you

  • You are not ready to process more than 10 client call per day
  • Your salespeople don't know how to properly process incoming calls. There are no scrips, to instructions on how to convert leads into clients
  • Your production capacity/stock reserve cannot accommodate 20-1000 incoming client inquiries.

Why choose us

We use one landing page to generate leads only for one client.

We help create effective sales scrips for your salespeople to use.

We have been in the business of web-development and online marketing for more than 12 years and possess the expertise to make it work.

We provide end-to-end solutions, incorporating up to 30 services into one project to achieve a positive result.

We have experience of lead generation for a construction company with the average receipt of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We calculate the sale funnel and form thorough monthly reports.

We have worked with clients with a sales volume of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We offer a dedicated account manager and a transparent project implementation and result assessment system.

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