Landing page development

Landing page is a high-efficiency one-page website presenting your product or service thoroughly and favorably.

A landing page is exactly what you need if you work in the following markets:

Retail Wholesale Unique and luxury items
Manufacturing B2B services B2C services

Adaptive layout

Mobile internet users share increases monthly. We design landing pages with adaptive layout, looking good in all modern browsers on desktops and mobile devices, on phones and tablets as well as ultrabooks and large screens.  

This approach ensures wider audience coverage and heightened conversion rate.

A well designed adaptive layout landing page, that is properly displayed on any device, gives a 10-30% increase in leads.


A landing page with geographic targeting option is able to adapt the headers, prices, contact details or delivery info based on the visitor’s location automatically.

When a landing page corresponds to the visitor’s location and their town/city is in the headers, it gives a 5-12% increase in leads.


Most companies work with several adjacent products or several target audiences.

If the products you’re offering are very similar, one landing page can automatically accommodate them all changing its contents to match the visitors’ search in headers, images or the order of information blocks. This way the landing page ultimately corresponds to the visitors’ demands and expectations and heightens conversion rate.

The more specific the landing page is, the more leads it secures.

Web animation

Modern development technologies enable us to create efficient landing pages that capture the target audience’s attentions. The design and overall impression the page makes on the visitors is how they perceive the company, its general image, customer service, scale and reliability.

Our own customers testify to sales increasing after the deployment of the landing pages we developed for them as compared to the sales they had had while using clichéd template-based landing pages.

When your landing page looks expensive is induces the elevation of the average basket.

Detailed analytics

The more you know about the potential customer, the more productive your dialogue with them will be.

We track visitors’ actions to produce comprehensible and user-friendly landing pages. In-depth analytics leads to higher conversion rates.

CRM system integration

You may get many leads, so much, in fact, your salespeople may get lost in them, or lose some of them, forget to call back and so on. Integrating a landing page with a CRM system will allow you to keep track of all leads as well as the history of interaction.

VitalCMS (our proprietary CMS for landing pages) has its own basic CRM, covering essential functions. We can also integrate your landing page with practically any commercial CRM of your choice.

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