Internet marketing

In a highly competitive modern market, just putting ads on the internet is not enough - they must be a part of a proper, thorough and diverse online marketing campaign.

First of all we conduct a full assessment of the current situation:

Product audit

Website audit

Sales audit

Distinguishing product’s advantages and other significant features.

Weeding out technical malfunctions and usability flaws, which might interfere with sales and ensuring a conversion rate increase.

We can develop a separate landing page to suit a specific offer.

Uncovering the “bottleneck” places within the sales chain: salespeople not picking up phones, not sticking to a script, not offering promotions, working without a CRM, or maybe there’s not enough product in stock or insufficient production capacity to meet the demands and so on.

After all interferences are eliminated we build the campaign and lauch ads.

There are over a 100 traffic sources for your website


Search ads



Most business owners really want their website to reach the top of search results. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most complex and at the same time one of the most effective means of long-term online marketing



Search engine advertising is one of the most popular online-advertising channels, obviously, because it’s easy to launch and stop it at any time, which makes it perfect for short-term promotions, also the results are instant and the statistics are quite transparent. It takes a lot of effort and expertise to build a campaign that will ensure a cost-per-client lower than revenue-per-client.


In Cost-Per-Action networks, clients pay for a target action committed by a visitor – a subscription, a signup, a lead or a purchase. It’s very convenient because you get either a completed sale, or a lead which is then processed by your employees. One of the other benefits of the system is that you don’t need to analyze clicks and conversion – it’s the job of whoever is showing your offer. Cost per lead in this channel is relatively high, but acceptable for a number niches.


Targeted ads in social networks



Social networks are a great source of target audiences, when used right. The key to success in social networks is creating contents which users will be compelled to share with their friends. A successful SMM campaign requires a lot of research and target audience analysis.


Advertising in social networks is very convenient because there is more information about the users, than in other ad channels – interests, relationship statuses, pages they like and so on. This allows us to target the ads to be shown to our specific target audience, including those, who like your competitions’ pages.



Cost per client varies from source to source and has to be analyzed and lowered to increase the budget efficiency.

How we achieve maximum efficiency

  • 12+ years of experience and official partnership status on most ad platforms;
  • Accumulating as many relevant keywords as possible for SEO and CPC campaigns;
  • Extensive target audience research and product audit allow us to create ultimately attractive sales messages;
  • We employ our own developers and designers  to work on our clients’ websites to improve their UX and conversion rate;
  • We use proprietary software to automate certain procedures and focus on deep analysis and strategic planning.
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