eCommerce solutions

Online retailers

Priorities: maximum customer focus and complete integration

Easy catalogue navigation

Quality product photo, video and descriptions

Customer feedback and social network integration

Fast intelligent search

Adaptive layout

Accounting system integration


Online wholesalers

Priorities: maximum reliability and fast operating speed.

Fast and flexible search with property filters

Niche-oriented interface

Fail-safe management system

Product range synchronized with the database

New orders automatically synchronize with the accounting system

SEO-ready for thousands of keywords and multiple regions


Car parts online retailers

Prioritiy: intelligent search of a required product.

Intelligent accessory suggestion system

Easy checkout

Fast search by name, make, model, year

Substitute part search, filter by brand/no brand

Supplier/own database integration

SEO-ready for hundreds of thousands keywords


Unique and complex eCommerce projects

Prioritiy: working in constant contact with our customer to create a unique project.

End-to-end IT service

Developers and marketing specialists working exclusively on your project

Weekly project progress planning

Flexible scope of work

Automation and integration with accounting systems, CRMs and dealers

Automatic sales and service reports for all levels of executives


How we ensure high sale rates


The prototype is the model of the website our client wants. We research our clients’ businesses and form the image of the target audience to make this website as relevant as possible. Prototyping is the first step to smooth workflow of the online shop. It allows to outline the selling pages' structure, optimize the navigation and avoid mistakes.

Every page of the prototype undergoes internal testing, revision and modification. Before we even show it to the customer, we test its usability and comprehensibility. The extensive work and quality control at this stage of project ensures the highest quality and efficiency levels at the following stages.

Design and usability

It only takes 2 to 15 seconds to form the visitor’s opinion on the website, because, like it or not, it all comes down to emotions. We don’t just create we-design, we provide our clients with a valid marketing product, using the analysis of users’ preferences and knowledge of psychological effects of colour and forms on the decision making.

CMS used for eCommerce projects

While it is possible to use common ‘box’ contemt management systems like HostCMS, Opencart or CS-cart for smaller projects, for large highload projects we strongly recommend using our own product – VitalCMS, which proved to be a safe, integrable, failsafe and easy to use solution for eCommerce projects.

84 out of 100 eComerce websites choose a flexible and customizable solution instead of a ‘box’ CMS.

Accounting systems and product database integration

Most accounting systems have standard means to synchronize sales and product range with websites. The problem is that the database representation of products is quite different from how they need to look on the website. That is why a standard unaltered database upload to the website rarely leads to good sales. We have developed our own database upload processing system and we guarantee a search engine optimized product pages that contribute to a high sale rate.

We specialize in database and accounting systems integration and we’re especially good at complex solutions like synchronizing the website with several databases or even several companies, when the data need to be filtered in a certain way and prices need to be conditionally modified.

SEO and internet marketing

Search engine optimization is the most complicated and the most effective tool for attracting new clents. It is a common mistake to only use 20-300 most competitive search phrases for optimization, which leads to high optimization costs and as a result – high cost per client.

We secure a lower cost per client within the range of $2-6 as a result of using a maximum number of search phrases (up to 15 000) and expert work. All optimization methods we use are completely «white hat», which means they completely conform to search engines’ terms of service. None of the websites we have optimized have ever been penalized or banned by search engines.


Modern technological means allow to keep track of infinite number of visit parameters, including every mouse movement your potential customer makes on your website. It is our goal to filter out the unimportant stuff and only provide you with relevant facts, which will help you make the right business-decisions: where visitors come from, who they are, what they buy and how much it costs you.

The manager receives automated reports via text messages daily, which allow them to keep tabs on the sales. The reports include the sale funnels broken down by traffic sources, regions and even search phrases. Subsequently, this data forms an executive table of every day sale funnels and shows the increase in visitor numbers and conversion rates in the course of months.

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