Search ad campaign management

Building and managing complex search ad campaigns with minimal cost per client and monthly optimization while using our own selling keyword collection technologies.

What do most agencies do?

They collect 50-150 keywords, using common standard means, like Google Adwords Keyword Planner. As a result, their ads are in a high-competition zone with ads of other companies who used this tool, and their keywords get higher click price. The search engines and marketing agencies who get a percentage from their clients’ ad expenses are the ones to profit from this mode of operation.

That is not how we do business!

Our goal is to collect as many keywords that will lead a “warm” potential client to you as possible. We accumulate tens of thousands of these keywords to ensure ultimate target audience coverage.

The large number of keywords allows us to get the lowest click cost while maintaining a high traffic flow.

We supply our clients with the whole campaign configuration and the list of keywords, so they can use it themselves in the future.

Depending on the business niche and target region, 1000 clicks may cost from $30 to $300 a day.

Accumulating 1000-50000 keywords is a means to break out of the competitive space and get lots of potential customers, where no one is looking for them them.

What we do

  • Website audit
  • Target audience analysis
  • Current search ad campaign audit
  • Keyword collection
  • Continuous stats analysis
  • Sale funnel calculation
  • Ads that sell
  • Building a search ad campaign
  • Ad budget optimization
  • Conversion rate increase
  • Website modification and maintenance

How we do it

3000-150 000 keyphrases per campaign

¢0.06-0.35 average cost per click

500-15 000 clicks a day

Cost per client -  $5-20

Recommended monthly budget - $1500

5-90 leads/sales a day

CTR up to 48%

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